Z4 Solar Provides Best-In-Class Digital Marketing for Residential Solar Companies

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2020 / Building and scaling a solar company is complex; marketing its products and services effectively can be just as complicated. It’s not enough to use outdated tactics that might work for other industries. Z4 Solar, a true solar digital marketing expert, combines years of experience and wealth of knowledge in both the marketing and solar industries. The company has a deep understanding of the intricacies of each of the sub-niches which allows Z4 Solar to help them grow their businesses via digital marketing. The Z4 Solar team also knows full well that there are unique challenges present not only for each sub-niche but also for differently sized solar companies. The team puts all these into consideration in order to provide the best-in-class service.

At every stage of the process – from ad creation to the closed deal – Z4 Solar pays careful attention to utilize only the most innovative solutions. The first step is in lead generation. The team has a unique creative ad copy in the Facebook ads landscape that targets homeowners in solar. The company’s expertise in Facebook ads enables them to consistently drive results. The same goes for Google PPC. As solar digital marketing experts, Z4 Solar knows how to funnel a homeowner making Google searches about solar. Unlike other marketers, the team doesn’t just stop at lead generation. They then proceed to educate and excite the homeowners about the numerous benefits of going solar. This approach increases the lead to appointment ratio, which ultimately results in more clients for residential solar companies.

While Z4 Solar does run paid ads via Facebook, Instagram, and Google, the methods used by the team to funnel and qualify leads is a system that they built in-house. The team implores multiple marketing techniques to achieve the results that the solar companies want. As an added bonus, the team works 7 days a week to take advantage of the fact that their target audience will most likely be home. Most of the magic in solar happens during the weekend.

These expectations are properly set with and articulated to the clients. Z4 Solar only takes on clients that they’re certain they can help develop marketing campaigns for and assist with continuous improvement over time. If the team feels that there isn’t a fit between Z4 Solar and the solar company, they don’t take on the client. The Z4 Solar team treats their clients like family – with love, respect, and dedication.

The two co-founders of Z4 Solar, Michael Zampiglia and Daniel Forero have unique skill sets that make them the best in the industry solar digital marketing. Michael possesses the expertise in sales necessary to appeal to homeowners. Meanwhile, Daniel comes up with innovative ways to drive revenue and results for their clients. They lead the team in training solar company sales representatives on how to handle online leads, get into houses, and close deals.

Transform your solar company through Z4 Solar’s expert digital marketing. You may contact Z4 Solar through their phone number (949) 275-0284 or email michael@z4solar.com.

SOURCE: Z4 SolarCity

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