“Where we are needed, we will be there!” TokenMask Charity Alliance Chain officially released

BIRMINGHAM, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2020 / In the beginning of 2020, life opened a difficult mode for us, and various global disasters followed. The novel coronavirus spreads across the globethe African locust plague has swept across the Asian and African, and the Australian fire has continued for months. Huge disasters are testing the rescue capabilities of countries around the world. The complex situation brought by disasters has made rescue efforts extremely difficult and the spread of the novel coronavirus is dragging down the global economy. All of this brings a huge challenge to the existing rescue mechanisms of various countries.

In order to improve the present situation of international disaster relief and allow more people who are unfortunately affected by disasters to receive effective assistance in time, the Singapore Dawn Charitable foundation and 136 charities around the world jointly launch the TokenMask charity consortiumchain to build a global distribution charity alliance assistance platform with the advantages of distributed ledger technology . The TokenMask Charity Consortium Blockchain will bring together global caring resources, build a more open, transparent and trusted charity network, and promote the healthy development of global public welfare!

Disasters often accompany humans with the weak rescue mechanisms

Natural disasters have never been absent in human history. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, floods, mudslides, forest fires, locusts, animal flu and other disasters occur almost every year. Although some disasters have limited impact, there also exists devastating disasters. Only in the 20 years since the 21st century, many large-scale disasters have occurred:

  1. The 2004 Indonesian tsunami affected many countries in Southeast Asia, killing at least 300,000 people and injuring 510,000.
  2. In 2005,Hurricane Katrina in the United States killed 1,833 people and cost $ 108 billion.
  3. The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China killed at least 69,227 people and caused economic losses of more than 800 billion yuan.
  4. The 2009 H1N1 virus outbreak in the United States killed at least 8,000 people in the United States and infected 20 million people worldwide.
  5. The Haiti earthquake in 2010 killed 225,000 people and paralyzed the government.
  6. The Japanese tsunami in 2011 caused at least 15,000 deaths, with economic losses ranging from US $ 122 billion to US $ 235 billion.
  7. In 2020, the novel coronavirus is raging around the world, and the number of people infected worldwide has exceeded 100,000.

Human beings are inherently vulnerable to disasters without effective assistance, . However, many countries have a poor disaster relief mechanisms, responding slowly to disasters, and even in some places there may be humanitarian crises. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the U.S. government’s rescue response was slow, the White House did not set up a rescue command until 36 hours after the disaster; the worst-affected New Orleans city was paralyzed and in chaos, shootings and rapes are frequently happened. in the United States, the United States failed to take adequate measures to control the outbreak of H1N1 virus, the epidemic spread across the world, causing millions of people infected.

In addition to the untimely response to disasters, we often encounter these problems in rescue activities: the management is poor, the rescue funds are not transparent, and it is difficult to assign them; the management of rescue materials is not clear, and the distribution of materials is difficult, causes the problem of giving short weight ; inadequate protection of rescue people, lack of supplies to meet the needs of rescuers; asymmetric information, when disaster strikes, rumors instead of real information . These issues indicate the weakness of human disaster relief mechanisms.

Charities are just overstretched

In addition to government’s rescue efforts, a large number of charitable organizations in various countries around the world are also actively responding, and some charities act as fast as the government. However, the capacity of charitable organizations is relatively limited, and the rescue power of a single organization covers a small area, while many charitable organizations work together to rescue but lack an efficient and unified coordination mechanism.

Many charitable organizations have simple internal structures and limited staff. Whenever a big disaster occurs, they often need to recruit volunteers to help with charitable assistance. Volunteers are not professionals, and many details need to be organized and managed by the organization, which increases the cost of internal communication between charities and volunteers. When a large number of relief materials need to be counted and distributed, it will be more difficult for charity organizations to coordinate the implementation of volunteer operations, and it is also difficult to ensure that these materials are not misappropriated or appear other moral hazards.

Charity funds raised by charitable organizations need to be specially managed. The source structure of charity funds is complex, and some funds are dedicated to special uses, which requires strict accounting and auditing. Once the scale of funds surges, it will become more difficult to manage funds and complete information disclosure. Some charitable organizations only disclose the approximate use of charity funds, and good charitable organizations are able to disclose the specific flow of each money, but the cost behind this is larger.

Mission of TokenMask Charity Alliance

TokenMask is a global philanthropy alliance ecological platform based on distributed ledger technology. It is jointly sponsored by Singapore’s Dawn Charitable Foundation and 136 charities around the world. Raw material manufacturers connected with global emergency supplies are used as cooperation nodes and are jointly managed by major charities around the world. 60 million volunteers, covering 7.5 billion people worldwide, providing transparent charity assistance to those affected by major global disasters.

The purpose of the TokenMask Charity Alliance is to consolidate global philanthropic forces, share disaster preparedness resources in all directions, jointly govern, be open and transparent, where we are needed we will be there.

The TokenMask Charity Alliance is managed by the Mask Charitable Foundation and sponsored by the Dawn Charitable Foundation.Ldt, established in 1965, formerly known as the British Dawn Charitable Foundation, and is an established non-profit charity foundation in Singapore. There are resident offices in 67 areas including Boston, Geneva, Buenos Aires, New York, Toronto, and the foundation has the member of philanthropic foundations in 136 countries. As the largest international charity fund at present, by 2019, it has participated in the charitable rescue of 627 international disasters.

The Board of the Mask Charity Fundation has 20 executive directors who are responsible for handling the affairs of the foundation and maintaining the daily operation of the foundation. It is a decentralized decision committee composed of 200 members. They come from 136 national foundation alliances to discuss and complete the major decisions of the foundation. General decisions are approved by more than 50% of members of the decision committee, important decisions require approval by two-thirds of the members, and members of the decision committee rotate every five years among 136 national foundation members. The Mask Charitable Foundation’s charitable project approval criteria are divided into 5 levels. Level 1 ~ 2 projects are determined by a vote of the executive council. Level 3 ~ 4 projects need the agreement of more than 50% of the members from the decision committee. Level 5 projects require two-thirds of the decision committee’s approval.

Better charity assistance system

Members participating in the TokenMask Charity Alliance will have unique digital identities. This personal information will be stored in an encrypted distributed ledger, and personal privacy is protected. TokenMask develops a donation system based on smart contract technology, which can accurately achieve smart donations: Directed donations, batch donations, conditional donations, etc.They are automatically executed by the smart contracts in the system, so that funds and materials are automatically allocated without charity, but all parties can still monitor and verify the implementation of targeted donations at any time. It can solve the problems of complex processes and black box operations in traditional charitable public welfare projects, eliminate catty behaviors in the process, and make the entire donation process open, transparent, efficient and traceable.

All users can use Mask token to get relief supplies in accordance with the specified exchange ratio. Merchants on the chain will respond quickly and send supplies to achieve maximum self-rescue. Charities on the charity alliance chain can also respond immediately when disasters occur, using their Mask token to quickly lock the corresponding amount of rescue supplies, avoiding the rise in rescue costs caused by price rises, and maximizing the protection of subsequent rescue work. The relief materials produced by the docked producers will be traced on the chain. Charities on the charity alliance chain will supervise the flow of materials to ensure the efficient implementation of rescue work.

The MASK charity alliance chain will also build a decentralized oracle system to collect the disaster information, rescue information, and dispel rumors information on the chain from authoritative media to ensure the timeliness and authenticity of the information. The unique Hash is to ensure that the information cannot be tampered with. People can quickly obtain real and effective disaster information, and avoid the spread of rumors and endanger social stability.

TokenMask Charity Alliance Chain Token Model

The total number of token issued by the TokenMask Charity Alliance Chain is 2.1 billion, and the subscription is mainly initiated to global charitable foundations, related business organizations and community organizations. The MASK token has the function of both charitable donation and assistance, and the alliance nodes of the charity alliance can also use the MASK token to lock the urgently needed rescue materials. In the event of a global disaster, the MASK charity alliance chain will launch a series of “charity plans”, 136 alliance nodes around the world vote and negotiate, receive donated materials and funds as anchors, and unlock a certain number of token as payment vouchers to purchase currently scarce first aid supplies globally. After the “Charity Plan” is completed, each MASK token used for redemption will be promptly entered into the black hole address for destruction. The destruction mechanism will help protect the long-term value of the MASK token.

The MASK token realizes an open and transparent charitable donation system with interests isolated. Large donors, charities, regulatory agencies, asset custody agencies are all super nodes of the MASK charity alliance chain. Global node merchants are cooperative nodes. With the right separation attribute of the token, the institutional operation management is separated from asset management. Asset custodians issue MASK tokens to recipients. The recipients use the MASK token exchange mechanism to exchange funds with banks, which effectively solves the problems of unrestricted use of funds, the opacity of capital flow, and the inefficient use of funds and materials by traditional charities.

TokenMask Development Roadmap

Since the establishment of the Dawn Charitable foundation, he has participated in many rescue events and deeply understand how weak the individual and the single charity are! At the same time, we also found that each assistance has the same problem, and it has not been solved so far, and there is no good solution, but the characteristics of the blockchain can effectively solve most of the same problems encountered in the development of public welfare . MASK’s original intention is to help more low-income people who are affected by the disaster, and use blockchain technology to escort this. We will face disasters and unfair resource allocation together with them, overcome difficulties and keep hope! May we work together to comfort every human being who has endured hardships, benefit the world, and build a better future!

TokenMask Charity Alliance Chain
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