Roadrunner Restoration Welcomes Lloyd Swiggum as New COO

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2020 / When Rick Daniel CEO and his wife first started their restoration business almost 20 years ago, the industry was nothing new to them. They understood the devastation of flood and water damage and how to mitigate the damage quickly and accurately. They knew all about loss from fire and smoke and what to do to remedy it. They even recognized back then that their teams needed to be of the highest caliber and had to be committed to a 2-hour response time. Their starting point was Harris/Montgomery county, and little by little, the company grew large enough that they were eventually servicing the entire Greater Houston Metroplex areas.

Slowly, Roadrunner Restoration began to expand its services, which enabled them to hire more personnel and include environmental services and reconstruction services. Disaster management was their specialty, and they excelled at servicing the clients who trusted them with their projects.

For years it worked seamlessly. Not only did Roadrunner Restoration grow into one of the state’s largest restoration contractors, but it also became a preferred vendor with many insurance companies and clients — a fact Daniel is exceptionally proud of today.

When Hurricane Harvey barreled through Texas in 2017 and forced 39,000 out of their homes, Roadrunner Restoration Services responded. With their expertise, they worked hard, developed relationships, and experienced another tremendous growth spurt. They knew the industry like the back of their hand, had state-of-the-art equipment, and had teams trained and ready to go, but unfortunately, growth spurts aren’t always smooth. There were bumps in the road that left them wishing they could do more. Their business was growing so rapidly, it needed streamlining. So, they set out to make some changes and were determined to do the right thing.

Change requires reflection, and that’s what Roadrunner Restoration does at the start of every year. Every January, they look back and see what they did right over the past year and where additional opportunities lie for them to do better. As they reflected on the past year and saw areas for improvement and unrealized opportunities, they were determined to do even more.

Their clients needed to be 100% satisfied as they expanded in scope. They wanted employees to stay with the company for its growth factor and because they were treated like family, not merely for a paycheck. And as CEO, Rick knew he couldn’t continue to handle this massive project alone. It was time to rebuild the company from the inside out. They needed a new method of managing the growth that had occurred. It was clear it was time to take the business to the next level, but this strategic plan required just the right person. Their hunt for a new COO had begun.

Their search started by listing attributes that their new COO needed to have. At the top of the list were integrity and trustworthiness. Rick wanted someone with strategic management experience who knew how to handle the massive growth they had experienced. They also wanted someone with similar values, who realized the client was top of mind. They wanted someone dedicated to making Roadrunner the best restoration service in the country. In short, Roadrunner Restoration was ready to move to the next level.

That’s when they found Lloyd Swiggum, an expert disaster recovery executive with a long history of strategic leadership. Lloyd Swiggum saw the potential and accepted the challenge. Roadrunner Restoration Services had found its new COO. Lloyd Swiggum is an accomplished and experienced C-level executive with over 30 years in the emergency response restoration industry. Lloyd has a successful background in strategic management of other restoration companies and has led result-driven teams to meet and exceed business targets. Most importantly, he understands the difficulties that occur when a company grows too fast and is as determined as they were to take the company to its next level.

Over the last year, Roadrunner Restoration has slowly turned around and can see the wheels of growth turning once again. However, this time, with Lloyd Swiggum’s leadership expertise, the entire company is being re-engineered. Instead of concentrating exclusively on what they do, Roadrunner Restoration first focuses on values – values that enable them to do the right thing each and every time, for every single client, as if they were their own family.

Lloyd Swiggum’s history of unparalleled accomplishment is already taking the company to new levels. Now more than ever, Roadrunner Restoration is a trusted leader in the full-service disaster recovery, restoration, and reconstruction industry specializing in disaster management, flood and water damage, fire and smoke damage, contents restoration, environmental services, and reconstruction services. Their clients include all types of commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over North America. With over 75 years of combined disaster experience, their teams understand nothing is more important than their clients’ peace of mind and are on-call ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week to diligently restore any property to its original state.

Roadrunner Restoration thanks the people of the great state of Texas and those that have been loyal throughout the years. They look forward to continuing to be the heroes to those who need their help with disaster recovery moving forward.


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