Garrain Jones Focuses on Health and Happiness to Transform Your Difficult Trials Into Massive Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2020 / Powerful stories of transformation effectively inspire us to take charge of our own lives and change it for the better. Garrain Jones‘s triumph over tragedy is an incredible example of such stories. He hopes to be an example for anyone going through struggles and looking for growth. By sharing everything he learned from his journey of transformation, he has positioned himself on the frontline of the movement to effect positive change in the world.

As a Transformation Coach, Garrain is open about sharing his vulnerabilities. He recalls a time when he allowed these vulnerabilities to get in the way of reaching his dreams. He dealt with homelessness and lived out of his car for 2 and a half years. He also spent 2 and a half years in a French prison for smuggling drugs. Deep down inside, he knew that he was meant to live a better life. Garrain drew from both of these difficulties, as well as the other obstacles that he had to overcome, to find a way to turn his life around. He decided to learn from these experiences about the important relationship between the choices we make and the lives we live.

During this dark moment in his life, Garrain remembers screaming out the words “I want to be healthy! I want to be happy! I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people! I just want to inspire people! I want to make a bunch of money! But I want the money to represent something that I passionately believe in that I would do for free!” He realized he needed to make some significant changes. Although he was still unsure about how to proceed, he acted fast. In just one week he was introduced to an opportunity that connected all the dots. It was then that he learned the new approach of changing his mindset.

“Change your mindset, change your life.” This approach helped Garrain move away from associating success with material things. He developed the strength to rescue himself by focusing on health and happiness instead. One of the greatest breakthroughs in his life, and one of the most crucial lessons he shares with others, is the realization that people have the capacity to upgrade themselves physically and mentally. Choosing to live a healthy active lifestyle is an important step towards more positive thoughts and behavior. Ultimately, these changes result in a happier life.

“Change Your Mindset, Change Your Lifestyle” is also the title of the book Garrain recently released. In this book, Garrain helps readers become aware of their natural state and embrace the uniqueness within each person. This approach to restoring health, happiness, and abundance has resonated with many and the book quickly became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Garrain has personally lived through so many trials and tribulations and has turned it all into a massive success. As an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, business and transformation coach, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur, Garrain has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Let Garrain take you out of everyday sameness and elevate you to a state of everyday greatness with his proven strategy. To collaborate with or feature Garrain Jones, you can contact him and his team at He is the go-to guy if you are looking for a powerful speaker to facilitate a transformation workshop, or evoke leadership, engagement, and increase productivity in your life and business.

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