DACX Launches OTC Desk, powered by AI technology & regulated Institutional Custodian.

LONDON, UK /ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2020 / Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange concludes its debut transaction, using its fintech partner AiX and utilising Zero Hash for post-trade settlements.

DACX is pleased to announce the launch of our Over-the-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk - a private and personalized service catering to institutional, corporate and high net-worth individuals needing deeper liquidity to fill large orders off the open market exchanges. Institutions will undergo a strict onboarding process, whereby sufficient KYC and AML documentation must be supplied by the applicants.

During the initial operation, OTC trading desk offers 1-on-1 service on a 24×5 basis, from Sunday 20:01 UTC until Friday 23:00 UTC.

  • OTC Services: Trading

  • Fiat currencies: US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) & British Pound (GBP), (more to be rolled out)

  • Crypto assets: BTC & ETH ( more to be rolled out)

  • Stablecoins: USDT, USDC, PAX, DAI

  • Minimum transaction: $50,000

  • DACX OTC Services contact: Enquiries can be mailed on otc@dacx.io

AiX provides instant, trader-to-trader interaction, removing the need for inter-dealer-brokerage through groundbreaking AI. Artificial intelligence has now reached the point that it can replace traditional broker roles of price discovery and cross-market execution, even for over-the-counter (OTC) trades or when accessing dark pools of liquidity. AiX replaces brokers with its proprietary AI engine, in the process promoting greater efficiency and democratisation in the financial markets.

Zero Hash is an institutional settlement utility for the digital asset space. Offering a suite of post-trade settlement services, Zero Hash is the only multi-platform and multi-custodial settlement agent that can facilitate the calculation of trade obligations and delivery of assets across 20 fiat pairs and over a dozen digital assets. Zero Hash can settle an ever-growing list of tradable products, including spot, derivatives and loans.

Zeeshan Chaudhry, Founder | CEO of DACX, said:

“We are proud to announce that DACX has launched an OTC Desk, this will cater for the institutional demand towards digital assets. As a technology driven company we aim to provide the best price execution and experience for our clientele in a highly secure, compliant and streamlined environment. Partnering with AiX was a natural choice with their disruptive NLP negotiation and matching engine, along with utilizing Zero Hash for their flexible settlements infrastructure to mitigate counterparty risks.”

Jos Evans, Founder & CEO of AiX said:

” We are thrilled to partner with DACX to launch one of the world’s first AI powered OTC trading desks. This is a huge step forward for efficient execution of large transactions in crypto markets, combining speed and security with a personal service and we applaud DACX’s foresight.”

Edward Woodford, CEO of Zero Hash said:

“Zero Hash provides the complete settlement infrastructure, offering a regulatory framework and complete customization. Our mission at Zero Hash is to empower innovators by delivering access to the financial system 2.0. We enable developers and businesses to focus on building experiences and products - we are excited to be working with DACX.”

About DACX​: Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange (dacx.io & dacx.exchange) is a London-based digital asset platform which leverages artificial intelligence, high performance computing and distributed ledger technology, to facilitate cross border transfer and settlement of monetary and material value via tokenization, smart contracts and escrows in an efficient, secure and compliant framework. With products & solutions for both institutional grade and retail clientele.


About AiX​: AiX is the world’s first fully automated, scalable broking platform utilising natural language understanding and AI. AiX enables peer to peer trading between human and algorithmic traders through its automated negotiation and matching engine.
AiX bridges algorithmic & human liquidity, giving programmatic asset managers access to liquidity they don’t currently have. AiX provides anonymous access to the world’s biggest liquidity providers, aggregated in one place, combined with price taker flow. One RFQ accesses global liquidity from makers and takers, instantly.


About Zero Hash: Zero Hash is a FinCen-registered Money Service Business as well as a Money Transmitter in more than 30 states. Zero Hash holds a virtual currency license from NYDFS. In June, Zero Hash was voted Innovator of the Year by the 2019 Profit & Loss Readers Choice Awards. This followed the subsidiary’s successful launch of a suite of over-the-counter (OTC) trade settlement services for digital assets earlier this year. Zero Hash is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seed CX. Through its subsidiaries, Seed CX provides execution and settlement systems, trading technology, risk management tools and other related services for digital assets.

SPOKESPEOPLE: Zeeshan Chaudhry (DACX), Jos Evans (AiX) and Edward Woodford (Zero Hash)

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Zeeshan Chaudhry, Jos Evans or Edward Woodford, please contact;

Lisa Li at L.Li@dacx.io​ or +442036336848

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