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Software Robots Performing High Volume Transactions in Customer

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is dramatically changing the way Brake
Parts Inc LLC (BPI) does business with a number of their business
partners, including some of its largest customers. BPI just recently
rolled out RPA solutions based on market-leading RPA platform UiPath
that automatically processes hundreds of transactions daily, while
reducing data entry errors.

“RPA has been a win-win for us,” says Tom Sheppard, CIO at BPI. “We’ve
experienced firsthand, many of the benefits we’ve been hearing about
regarding RPA, such as a quick implementation timeline (prototype to
production in a couple of months), dramatic reduction in time spent on
transaction processing (our Customer Care leadership team has freed up
hours each day to work on customer relationships), and also the
relatively inexpensive costs for an RPA project, which came in on time
and on budget. We have two more ongoing projects with our RPA
implementation partner eAlliance, in which we’re automating more
processes in Customer Care, and in other business areas at BPI, with our
organization embracing RPA 100% as part of our current & future

eAlliance Corporation is helping clients like BPI quickly realize the
benefits of RPA, automating processes in finance and accounting,
customer care and other lines of business, using a proven, lean
methodology that ensures quality results in a short period of time. The
eAlliance RPA team possesses decades of business and technology
experience, along with a management style that ensures a 100% adoption
rate of their RPA solutions with a return on investment within months,
not years.

eAlliance is helping companies early in their RPA journey with:

  • RPA Planning Workshop
  • RPA Strategy – Establishing Automation Goals, Objectives & Business
    Process Selection
  • RPA Center of Excellence
  • RPA as a Service – Administration, monitoring and ongoing support

About eAlliance Corporation

eAlliance Corporation leverages technology to create business solutions
that deliver measurable results. Founded in 2002 by Ramesh Kumar,
eAlliance remains committed to serving as a go-to partner for mid-market
and Fortune 500 organizations. Learn more at http://ealliancecorp.com/.

About Brake Parts, Inc.

Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is committed to leading the global automotive
aftermarket as the premier manufacturer and supplier of brake system
components. Learn more at https://www.brakepartsinc.com/.


Glenn Hoormann
eAlliance Corporation

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