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Loan Company Devices Stop Cars if Payments Missed By Clip Syndicate ST. LOUIS -- The auto industry could be reshaped by a repossession device for cars. “Starter interrupter” technology makes a vehicle impossible to start after the owner misses a payment, but federal regulators are asking questions about how at least one auto finance company uses the equipment. ...Read More »
How to add an external HDD to your Sony PS4 By IDG.TV Sony's latest PS4 System Software now supports external hard drive support for the game console, letting you expand the storage from its original 500GB. Network World editor Keith Shaw shows you how to add the storage without needing a screwdriver (before this update, you could expand storage capacity by installing an internal drive). ...Read More »
The Impact of Business Intelligence on Cyber Security By Dan Radak A lot of people believe that the matter of cyber-security depends solely on the type of software you use. However, firewalls, DMZs and IDSes on their own are not enough to protect you. Your business is never up against a machine, it is up against other people, which makes this conflict more of a chess game and less of an armament race. What you need is to learn how to predict threats, vulnerabilities, and risky behavior models so that your business can become overall more secure. Some may find great pride in their intuition and 'gut feeling', but this is never the force that should guide your security system. If you know both yourself and your enemy, you have a higher chance of winning the potential battles. ...Read More »
Lose yourself in the Infinity Room, a mixed-media art project at SXSW By IDG.TV This piece by artist Refik Anadol takes it to infinity. ...Read More »
Sony's SXSW Wow Factory is a virtual-reality playground full of wild demos By IDG.TV We got a glimpse of Sony's future?a world full of augmented- and virtual-reality experiences that let you leave the headset behind. ...Read More »
7 Mistakes to Avoid as a Project Manager By Jason Grills Good project management means good planning and time management, as well as good organization, but it also entails so many other details that can lead a project to failure if not managed properly. It's completely normal to make mistakes, but when it comes to project management, even a tiny one can impact your project's success and cost your organization a lot of money. This is exactly why you need to make sure you avoid common pitfalls when managing your projects. Of course, making mistakes can be a learning process, but you certainly cannot afford to make them, especially when it comes to big projects. Therefore, take a look at the most common mistakes project managers make and make sure you avoid them at all costs. ...Read More »
Experience Stereoscopic 360 degree VR with Laduma at SXSW 2017 By IDG.TV IDG.tv gets to test drive advanced VR content from Laduma, a company that's looking to create engaging stereoscopic 3D virtual reality content for a more immersive experience. ...Read More »
Hands on with the new Microsoft Surface Studio at SXSW 2017 By IDG.TV IDG.tv's Jimmy Conrad takes the Surface Studio for a test drive to see if it can elevate his already incredibly polished drawing skills. ...Read More »
IDG.tv Live @ SXSW presented by the UK's Department for International Trade | Day 5 By IDG.TV It's our last day in SXSW and today we're excited to have on the show Laura Harrison, Senior Product Manager & Global Innovation Programme Lead at BBC Connected Studio, and artist and creator Be Charlotte. Thanks for watching! Learn more about BBC Connected Studio here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/connectedstudio/ More about Be Charlotte here: http://iambecharlotte.com/ ...Read More »
Is Snapchat building the iPhone killer? By IDG.TV Snapchat's parent company has hired mobile engineering and design talent away from Apple, HTC, and Google. Could a Snapchat phone be in the works? ...Read More »

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