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Local Club Celebrates Trump By Clip Syndicate Tonight in Biloxi members of the Harrison County Republicans Club celebrated the inauguration of President Donald Trump. News 25’s Hank Davis was there and caught up with members to talk about what it means to finally have Trump in the White House. “So, help me God.” With those words, Donald Trump’s time as president of the United States begins after running one of the most unconventional campaigns of all time. While some Americans have taken to the streets to protest, others couldn’t be happier about a Trump presidency. Tonight a group in Biloxi assembled to celebrate one of the most controversial elections in American history. Harrison County Republican Club President Phil Harding said, “What a breath of fresh air. It’s finally time that somebody spoke the truth and spoke it plainly. We’ve had too much political correctness for far too long.” Harrison County Republican Club Founding Member Pete Wilson said, “He is going to repeal Obamacare. He’s going to work on the tax code and simplify and reduce taxes. I think he going to strengthen the military. These are things that we, as Republicans, want.” Harrison County Republican Club member Michele Clarke said, “He is going to put America first. He’s gonna help business. He is gonna help real estate and that’s gonna be his focus. He has invested interest in it and I don’t have a problem with that because that is what makes America great.” Joff Clarke is a member of the Harrison County Republicans Club. He says that in 2015, he became an American citizen after living in our country for twenty years just so he could vote for Donald Trump. “That is a tremendous process, becoming an American meant the absolute world to me. I felt enormously confident that Donald Trump is going to take us in a new direction. I’m proud to be someone that America allowed to be an American and I love his immigration policies because you shouldn’t just let everyone in. someone should want to come into this country and when they become an American they should have tremendous pride in being an American.” ...Read More »
Arrington: 'We've Got To Do Something' About Obamacare By Clip Syndicate Arrington: 'We've Got To Do Something' About Obamacare ...Read More »
Corning Inc. Showcases Gorilla Glass in Sports Car at CES By Clip Syndicate CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - One of the many things Corning Inc is known for is its Gorilla Glass which can be found on many mobile devices, and the company extended that same glass to the auto industry market at CES. ...Read More »
Corning Inc. Showcases Gorilla Glass in Sports Car at CES By Clip Syndicate CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - One of the many things Corning Inc is known for is its Gorilla Glass which can be found on many mobile devices, and the company extended that same glass to the auto industry market at CES. ...Read More »
Content Insider #501 - It's Time By Miles Weston It's a brand new clean/fresh year. The possibilities are limitless unless you're carrying forward too much garbage from 2016. Some of it is yours to change. You know positive attitude, renewed enthusiasm, advancing your expertise and maybe move to a new opportunity. There's no best time to move on but you can sense when a change in scenery is best for everyone concerned...especially you! Often it's because of a shift in the organization when management brings in "new blood" at the mid-level and things change. If things have gotten to that point make the change quickly, professionally. Take the high road. ...Read More »
Readying Your Data Center to Deal With Traffic Surges By Tim Mullahy On October 1, global streaming service Netflix suffered a severe, worldwide outage. Lasting from 3PM to 5PM Eastern Time, it was the most significant downtime suffered by the provider since 2012. Although the reason for the outage is still generally unknown, most signs seem to point to a massive, unexpected surge in traffic following the release of Luke Cage. Imagine if the same thing happened to your data center. Imagine if, as a result of an unexpected surge in traffic, your facility went offline for several hours. How much business would you lose? ...Read More »
PARADISE WEATHER AND BUSINESS By Clip Syndicate News Channel 7 ...Read More »
Berks Perspectives By Clip Syndicate Topics included: The strained relations between the U.S. and Israel; Obama ordering sanctions against Russia for election hacking; The U.S. nuclear arsenal; potential changes to ObamaCare during the Trump administration; celebrity deaths in the year 2016. With panelists Chuck Gallagher, Mary Ellen Mahan, Fred Levering, Ruth Martelli and Fred Opalinski. ...Read More »
CMO Perspectives - Clint Oram of Sugar CRM By IDG.TV IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Clint Oram, Co-Founder and CMO of SugarCRM, sat down with Josh London, IDGs CMO, to share his perspective on using content marketing to drive thoughtful dialog with customers and using intent data to inform business planning, among other topics. ...Read More »
Why Ireland is the Best Kept Secret for Business Expansion By Ian Reither Global expansion can be a difficult venture for any technology business. Tax codes, regulations and market realities differ starkly across borders, not to mention the gamut of language, cultural and skill barriers that can slow your organization's growth. Given these realities, it's no surprise that Ireland is one of the most sought-after locations for tech companies pursuing a European presence. Between a technology-friendly government, highly skilled workforce and robust business infrastructure initiatives, it's unsurprising that many firms look to Ireland as their first destination when expanding overseas. ...Read More »

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