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Tech Talk: The latest on Azure Stack, cyberattacks, the next iPhone and ... keyboards By IDG.TV Get the details on Microsoft's new Azure Stack, why cyberattacks never seem to end, the fate of Apple's Touch ID and why QWERTY keyboards are now tech relics. ...Read More »
What is Microsoft Azure Stack? | Tech Talk Ep 1 By IDG.TV Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft's upcoming private cloud offering, Azure Stack, as editors discuss its expected benefits and drawbacks. ...Read More »
Who's responsible for cloud security? | Tech Talk Ep 1 By IDG.TV IDG editors talk about the common misperceptions about public cloud storage, including who's ultimately responsible for data security. ...Read More »
How Quantum computing with DNA storage will affect your health By Taran Volckhausen The fundamentals of quantum mechanics don't permit you to store information on the quantum-computing machine itself. While you could convert its data for storage on traditional devices, such as the solid-state hard drive, you would need to process an nearly infinite amount of information, which would require an impossible amount of space and energy to achieve. However, there could be a solution, but it requires us to look within. Not in a hippy-dippy "finding yourself" sort of way, but rather the double helix code found in humans and almost all other organisms: DNA. ...Read More »
How we connect to computers: The future of the keyboard By IDG.TV QWERTY keyboards are so 1860 -- but that hasn't stopped most people from relying on them when using desktops and laptops. Multi-touch, VR and AR could soon change that. Computerworld's Ken Mingis, Network World's Brandon Butler, CSO's Fahmida Rashid and Macworld's Mike Simon weigh in on where things are going. ...Read More »
Intel lets slip Core i9 12-core clock speed and it ain't pretty By IDG.TV Intel hasn't announced clock speeds for the Core i9 7920X, but we found them in the price list. ...Read More »
AMD Threadripper price, Ryzen 3 details, Vega FE performance, and more | The Full Nerd Ep 26 By IDG.TV Gordon, Brad, and Adam are joined once again by special guest Alaina Yee to go over some of the hottest news stories of the week. Including Threadripper pricing, Ryzen 3 details, Vega Frontier Edition performance, and more. Ask all the questions you want in the chat and be sure to subscribe to the audio version on iTunes and Google Play. https://soundcloud.com/thefullnerd ...Read More »
Protect your business with a strong cybersecurity strategy By Chad Mercer Cyberattacks can cause business disruptions that lead to defective products, production downtime, physical damage, tarnished brand and reputation and angry customers - and the unfortunate truth is these attacks are not as rare as one would like to think: The 2016 IBM X-Force Research report found a 64 percent increase in cybersecurity incidents in 2015 over 2014. One of the most important assets an enterprise must protect is its wireless network. Wireless networks are susceptible to a number of cybersecurity threats, and to ensure a business's wireless network is not creating risks, enterprises should utilize five best practices. ...Read More »
Capture-as-a-Service: Document Capture and Analytics in the Cloud By Stephen Boals Continuous innovation in the cloud has advanced and disrupted many tried and true industries, and now document capture in the cloud is a reality. There is now a leader in the document capture and analytics space that is breaking traditional boundaries with not only being able to offer customers Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, but also providing modern, cutting-edge technology in the form of advanced document analytics and machine learning technology. This next generation software in the cloud is what we call Capture-as-a-Service (CaaS). ...Read More »
The APM Blindspot By Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder, Catchpoint In the early days of the Internet age, performance monitoring was a simple pursuit: you had a few systems to track, mostly within your own datacenter; a few third-party applications or social tags in place; and your customers, just getting acquainted to broadband, were OK when load times occasionally lagged. Oh, the good 'ol days! That level of simplicity is now ancient history. Fast-forward to today, application performance monitoring (APM) is transforming by necessity, driven by increasingly impatient consumers and business users who expect Google-like speeds. Despite this, many APM systems and approaches remain traditional - correlating website and application performance levels to internal datacenter assets to identify what is causing an online service to be slow or unavailable. ...Read More »

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