Employees Run Risks by Accessing Email and Shared Docs using Personal Devices By Tom DeSot, EVP and CIO of Digital Defense, Inc. Employees continue to struggle to recognize security policies at their companies, according to a recent survey by Clutch. 1,000 full-time employees were surveyed about their IT security awareness and behavior. Here are some of the key Findings: ...Read More »
Types of Cyber attacks and How to improve your Online security Despite the widespread use of the internet in the past two decades, the cyber attack appears as a new term that confuses many people. Many small businesses and individuals rely on antivirus software for all their cybersecurity needs. The problem with such software is that they are not foolproof. When you want to combat cyber attacks, your business should employ the best practices and software to ensure that their data is secured. Companies should embrace comprehensive data security solutions as part of their strategy and not as an ordinary expense that they must incur. This article will define cyber attacks, the damages they can cause in your business and how you can prevent them. ...Read More »
Social Media Policy - A Guide For Businesses With over 2 and a half billion people across the world using social media every day, it's clear that in 2018 the digital age is in full swing. Although many of us might associate social media with something that we do in our spare time, it's important for businesses to recognize its effectiveness and address its use in-house - this involves outlining what regulations employees should follow. ...Read More »
How To Start A New Business After Bankruptcy By David Koller It's an unfortunate truth, but not all businesses are capable of sustaining themselves and eventually will fail. In fact, the vast majority of businesses ever made fail and fall by the wayside. However, you should not wallow and mourn. Instead look at this as a new opportunity to start fresh and swing for the fences one more time! If you're willing to try one more time and apply the lessons learned from mistakes passed, a bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that you can't open a new business. While it may be harder, it's not impossible. In today's article, we will outline several tips to start a new business after the bankruptcy. ...Read More »
Where You Store Your Data and Why it Matters By Ryan Ayers Unless you live out in the wilderness, completely cut off from modern society, your personal data has probably been compromised at some point. Most only become aware of this fact when a huge data breach like the one Equifax experienced in 2017 comes to light. That breach compromising the sensitive information of 143 million Americans and put them at risk for identity theft. Small businesses, though they don't have access to that massive volume of sensitive data, do store some personal information. That information can include customer names and addresses, credit card information, business financial information, and more. Every year, the amount of data a business stores grows. How you store this data and keep it safe is essential for your business's success and reputation. Here's what you need to know about data storage and security in 2018. ...Read More »
IQS announces partnership with the Yext Network Industrial Quick Search, Inc. and IQSDirectory have entered into a partnership agreement with YEXT which will let IQS efficiently manage your major online listings using the Yext platform. Yext provides an interface with over 100 directory publishers that allows immediate listings and updates to all properties. ...Read More »
Content Insider #581 - Strong Mix By Miles Weston Most businesses are doing their darndest to hire more of the best qualified "right" people to balance their organizational diversity because studies consistently show that it can make a stronger, more competitive company and achieving equitable diversity is difficult. It gets even tougher when proven experience is going out the back door while new untested, unproven talent is coming in the front door. Yesterday's millenials are today's boomers and tomorrow they'll be viewed as way over the hill. With people living longer and fewer entering the workflorce management needs to bring together a team that is focused on company success regardless of sex, sexual orientation, abilities and age. Done right we'll bet they will all learn something and achieve even more. ...Read More »
Why You Should Run An Ecommerce Store By Karthik Reddy Globally, ecommerce sales totaled 2.3 trillion dollars in 2017. This figure is expected to more than double to 4.8 trillion dollars in 2021. It's not surprising - this is a strong market segment that is rapidly growing. Ecommerce offers shoppers the convenience of shopping where they like, when they like, and not having to worry about standing in endless queues or fighting their way through traffic. It is a solution that appeals to shoppers and can be useful for businesses as well. An ecommerce store takes a bit of time to set up, but once it is up and running, it can basically run itself. If we look at the infographic compiled by redbrain.com, it becomes clear that the big brand names have been taking ecommerce seriously. But, let's forget about the big brands for a minute. Why should you consider starting an online enterprise? ...Read More »
What The Adoption Of Blockchain Can Mean For Jobs? Most commonly, people will associate the blockchain technology with the popular cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, but really blockchain is a game changer on its own. Although in many ways it can have a positive way on the way that businesses run, for example, making the records of a business more secure or making transactions quicker, there is also a negative side. ...Read More »
How to Build Your Business Brand and Get Noticed By David Koller Having a great business idea in this day and age is not enough. When starting from scratch you only have the quality of your product and your brand name to go on. You need to be ready to devote both time and funds into your brand's growth and visibility. The fact that we live in a digital age helps quite a bit, but still growing your brand is a continual process that you can't afford to put on a back burner at any time. As a matter of fact, you need to keep working on it, evolving it and making sure your brand can keep up with the market demands at all times. Otherwise, you won't be able to stay afloat for long. ...Read More »

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