Four Ways to Improve IT Security on a Limited Budget By Robert LaMagna-Reiter, Senior Director of Information Security As overall IT budgets grow tighter, it becomes more challenging to improve IT security. In a recent IBM security study polling more than 2,800 IT and security professionals, 69 percent reported that funding for cyber resiliency is insufficient. But even as IT security threats continue to evolve, it's the more fundamental IT security improvements that can provide the most foundational protections for data security. Based on that understanding, here are four ways to improve IT security on a limited budget. ...Read More »
What Makes Google Maps So Popular? A Case Study By Riley Panko If you own a smartphone and are looking for directions, more likely than not the first app you'll open is Google Maps. Google Maps is the preferred navigation app by a large number of U.S. smartphone owners. This was reported in a 2016 survey, in which 69% of iPhone and Android users marked Google Maps as their favorite map app. Why does Google Maps succeed so far beyond competitors such as Apple Maps? Its popularity can largely be attributed to its attention to detail, made possible by Google's massive data collection endeavors. ...Read More »
Tips for Managing a Tech Team Running any sort of team can be difficult as everyone is different, and people like to work in strange and unusual ways. Running a tech team is not much different and if you have to take on this task you might want to get some advice. When you run a tech team, you need to make sure that you have the right people involved and that you can trust that they have the right skills to complete the project. In this article, we are going to give you some advice on how you can manage your tech team effectively. ...Read More »
Facebook - Have they suddenly seen the Crypto-Light? By Arran Stewart, I'm frustrated to report that Facebook would have been looking into the possible benefits of blockchain, crypto and ICO's for some time, however for several reasons they decided to announce that they would remove ads relating to crypto earlier this year. I was personally quoted saying that this was not a bad thing, purely because anyone being enticed into buying into crypto through a Facebook or Google ad was certainly not a sophisticated investor and for something that is still so embryonic, that is dangerous. However, it's clear now that Facebook didn't do this for the wholesome intentions I was quoted for, instead, it seems to be yet another self-centered play. Low and behold, they announce that they're removing the ad ban and which has left them wide open for speculation as to why the sudden change of heart. ...Read More »
3 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace AR in Your Workflow The year 2017 marked a new development in my work as the mobile team manager at Vectorworks, Inc. - one that perfectly aligned with a new trend in the AEC industries. Apple just introduced its ARKit to complement the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models. This platform allowed developers to create Augmented Reality (AR) applications that integrated live images from a device's camera with dynamic 3D models developed by the user. ...Read More »
Facebook Is At It Again Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg's "apology tour," it seemed like the social media company might have learned its lesson. But like water from a leaky faucet, the news cycle keeps dripping out new information, revealing a variety of holes and fissures in Facebook's story. According to a New York Times article published earlier this month, the social media company has been quietly sharing users' private data with mobile device manufacturers - such as Apple, Blackberry, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and dozens more. In making these deals, Facebook may have violated a 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission, which requires the company to disclose its privacy-related behavior. ...Read More »
How Artificial Intelligence Is Projected To Influence The Automotive Industry Artificial intelligence and data science are two main technologies that forms the processes of the automotive. Since 2017, Udacity selected a group of 18 talented engineers (out of hundreds of applicants) to form the Self-Racing Cars team Udacity offer the first self-driving Nanodegree program. The program was Built in partnership with Uber, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nvidia. After a huge success, Udacity introduced another Nanodegree program for the beginners. At last, MIT and university introduced their courses in the automotive industry. ...Read More »
Less Pain, More Gain - A Better Way to Work Toward Improved Information Security Risk Management and ISO 27001 Compliance By Jason Eubanks How have the recent privacy and security violations crowding the daily newsfeeds changed your company's behavior? There's a silver lining to all the doomsday headlines - they should compel stakeholders in your company to pay more attention and provide more buy-in for proactive safeguarding activities against these risks. How are you going to leverage this opportunity? You need a fresh approach, management support, a solid plan, and comprehensive technology to support all the moving parts involved in setting up an integrated security and risk management program. ...Read More »
Personal Data discovery after the GDPR deadline The GDPR deadline is now behind us and perhaps unsurprisingly there is wide disparity between levels of compliance across those organisations affected. However, meeting GDPR requirements is not a one-time effort. It requires ongoing vigilance to ensure that as an organisation's business and relationships with Data Subjects change so the compliance efforts adapt to meet those changes. For those who are more advanced, the process of maintaining compliance will continue and they have a good basis from which to work. For other organisations there are possibly many steps still to take on the road to compliance. ...Read More »
Tips for Implementing New Technologies into Business Management Nowadays, technology is progressing at a steady pace, bringing creative and useful innovations to the online world. Various companies are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of new technologies in order to improve their business operations and productivity, as well as their overall performance and efficiency. Even though technology can vastly improve business operations, implementing new technologies into an organization can be quite complicated. Here are a few tips for implementing new technologies into business management. ...Read More »

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