When the World Stood Still, They Bought Time: Meet the Entrepreneurs Behind R&S Timepieces

PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world. Everyone’s outlook, plans, and priorities changed. Time stood still and a wave of uncertainty was unmistakably present, but two entrepreneurs, Evan Seech, 22, and Matthew Rodriguez, 23, sought out to ride it.

Seech and Rodriguez had seen the luxury wristwatch market grow tremendously over the past couple of years. Platforms such as Chrono24 and eBay’s authenticity guarantee program, played a major role in lifting the veil of obscurity on aftermarket watch purchases. Trust was built and a new group of watch enthusiasts, collectors, and investors alike flooded the market. With the luxury watch space projected to grow from $7 billion in 2018 to $9 billion in 2025, the team has a healthy avenue ahead of them for expansion.

Evan and Matt’s long-time mutual interest in watches and watch trading eventually brought them together, and in the summer of 2020, they created R&S Timepieces. Their mission was to provide a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient medium for clients to buy and sell luxury wristwatches at highly competitive price points.

They felt their combined experience could prove to be powerful. Evan Seech is a professional day-trader, whose understanding of price volatility, market fluctuations, and ability to make quick decisions has propelled his career over the last half-decade.

Matthew Rodriguez is an investment banking analyst, a job which requires an understanding of the markets, a strong attention to detail, and ability to create complex financial projections.

Through social media, their website, and word-of-mouth, their platform has grown rapidly over the past year. They view luxury watches as more than just sophisticated pieces of jewelry, but as hard backed assets driven by supply and demand, market psychology, and fluctuations in the prices of precious metals. As such, R&S Timepieces emphasizes the importance of data analytics. They’ve created tools to track price movements, historical trends, and growth projections. This has allowed them to quickly turn over inventory and expand their platform.

“We started off small, but have always thought big,” said Evan. “We’re always thinking about the next steps, collecting information, analyzing patterns, and making decisions on what to hold in our inventory based on hard evidence.”

“As a young company, we need to be as lean and efficient as possible, while also providing the resources and benefits of a large company,” added Matt.

Their expansive and growing network allows them to source watches varying from Breitling and Omega to Audemars Piguet and Rolex with ease. This has provided their clients with a quick and easy medium to purchase any watch they desire.

They credit much of their growth to their mentors, Mario Martucci of Top Notch Timepieces and Cal Knight of KnightWatch Collection. Knight and Martucci have been well-known and well-established players in the watch community for years. They’ve guided, advised, and helped R&S Timepieces establish a roadmap for success.

Evan Seech and Matthew Rodriguez have bought and sold watches nationwide, and they show no signs of stopping. These passion-driven owners hope to share their love of watches with others across the world as they continue to expand. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, reliability, trust, and speed, R&S plans to achieve this.

To learn more about R&S Timepieces, visit their website.

Company: R&S Timepieces
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Phone number: (561) 320-7437

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