Damian Prosalendis: Martial Arts Trained Me for Life as an Entrepreneur

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2020 / Greek entrepreneur Damian Prosalendis made his first million at 20 after dropping out of college. He did this by growing a massively successful e-Commerce consulting firm on Fiverr.com. Now at 24, the maverick millionaire has businesses dealing in video production, digital media and business development. He also has an impressive investment portfolio of international real estate and Forex investments.

When Prosalendis was seventeen, he fought in the National Kickboxing Championship of Greece with only 3 months of prior kickboxing training. He won the gold medal despite never ever having fought in his life.

Due to family pressure, he gave this up to study chemical engineering in university but he believes that his martial arts training has helped him overcome obstacles often faced by entrepreneurs. “Even though winning in business takes time and every fighting class is a win by itself, fighting builds up confidence and above all self respect. This is crucial for business success,” he stresses. “Ultimately, your business is a reflection of yourself. If you practice fight training every day, every aspect of that growth will very soon manifest itself in your business.”

Prosalendis believes that an indestructible mindset is an entrepreneur’s most important asset and that martial arts has helped him develop this mental strength. “You can have absolutely nothing, yet gain everything by merely conquering your mind. The way you do that is by choosing to do what’s hard over what is easy,” he explains. “When I entered the kickboxing championship, no one believed I could win and the easy choice would have been not to undertake such a difficult task. I pushed myself to the limit for three months and won. I wasn’t the best fighter in the championship but I was the one with the strongest mind.”

Now that Prosalendis has the financial freedom to live his life however he wishes, his love for martial arts continues unabated. These days he travels the world training with masters of different martial arts styles, with a view towards fighting professionally and becoming a world champion. Martial arts has helped Prosalendis be “combat ready” and this is a form of insurance, should he need to protect himself or others. It also has prepared him to face the constantly changing business climate – whatever the battle may bring.

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