Telemedicine Vital to Coronavirus Management: MediOrbis Launches Consumer Info Hotline, Special Pricing and Specialty Physician Guidance for Providers, Employers & General Public

Consumer Direct Hotline 888-5-DR-LINE (888-537-5463)

U.S. Senate passes $8.3 billion supplemental funding package and temporarily waives certain Medicare requirements for telehealth services to address the coronavirus outbreak

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MediOrbis, a multi-specialty telemedicine and telehealth company with a first-of-its-kind integrated specialty and chronic disease management (CDM) program, today launched a comprehensive telemedicine program geared towards the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including both information and on-call telemedicine for those who want to speak with a physician. This telemedicine solution serves to provide crucial information to patients with questions, connects patients at risk of infection, and helps to prevent unnecessary risk of infection and the spread of this virus. The MediOrbis information hotline is 888-5-DR-LINE (888-537-5463) or visit

“Given the magnitude of the challenges facing individuals and worldwide healthcare systems, MediOrbis is offering a heavily discounted price for individuals who are not covered by a health plan or employer benefit program,” says Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, M.D., founder and chief medical officer, MediOrbis, and pulmonary specialist with advanced training in critical care and medical ethics. “Individuals who self-register for a telehealth consult can use this special code — COVID19 – to receive the discount.”

The MediOrbis dedicated information hotline is based upon up-to-date CDC data, in addition to clinical backup and support.

“We anticipate a high volume of calls coming in from patients who are looking for information, and we are gratified to offer this level of support to so many people during this challenging time,” continues Wiesen. “Telemedicine is a crucial modality for helping patients during epidemics and pandemics.”

MediOrbis has trained its clinical team and support staff on how to manage patients seeking information and/or physician care from the MediOrbis Network and has prepared its internal physician network on how to best handle and direct calls surrounding COVID-19.

“This is obviously a critical global medical situation and our team is well prepared to help patients confront and prevent this viral infection using our unique telehealth platform,” Wiesen adds, “Individuals who may be concerned about their cold and flu symptoms can use our service and access advice without having to visit a healthcare facility, where they risk exposure to the virus or spreading it to others.”

One of the nation’s top virus experts states that the disease, which can be transmitted by people who don’t show symptoms, could spread to 70% of the world’s population. Schools and hospitals across the U.S. have begun preparing for a potential pandemic.

“MediOrbis combines AI-powered software with its unique physician network to deliver expert telemedicine services in virtually any field of medicine, clinical care or diagnostics,” continues Wiesen. “We can fill gaps in care when healthcare facilities face a crisis, such as handling COVID-19. With a decentralized physician network, MediOrbis has the potential to serve as a clinical hub for coordinating and quarantining a disease globally using remote communications and cloud-based software reporting.”

MediOrbis offers expanded care platforms to address gaps in care in conjunction with other technology, ranging from wireless devices and wearables to mHealth-enabled electronic healthcare record (EHR) platforms. Offering worldwide capabilities, chronic disease management and a network of medical experts with broad and diverse experience, MediOrbis is positioned to battle COVID-19 with expert telemedicine services.

About MediOrbis

MediOrbis is a multi-specialty telemedicine and telehealth company that is shattering the barriers of traditional medicine and extending the reach of specialized clinical care and chronic disease management to its global customer base. Recognized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of providers, payers and healthcare systems, MediOrbis combines AI-powered software with a network of the world’s most outstanding specialty physicians to deliver expert telemedicine services in virtually any field of medicine, clinical care or diagnostics. Visit:


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