Ricky Aranda Focuses on Building Relationships to Establish Global Network and Develop Businesses

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2020 / Combining his love for building relationships, developing businesses, and traveling the world, Ricky Aranda has gained a far-reaching influence in a global network. Taking massive action to maintain long-lasting relationships, his global network now ranges from some of the world’s largest hedge funds to businesses and families across the USA, London, Bahrain, and Asia. Ricky has an undeniable gift for recognizing opportunities and is continually seeking innovative business developments and lifestyle opportunities.

Even at a young age, Ricky has displayed a natural ability to lead, influence, and excel in any chosen field. He utilized the same ambition and drive that he played with as a professional soccer player to launch and scale numerous highly successful businesses. Among these, Ricky has been involved in the business development of a cutting-edge biopharmaceutical company.

The American serial entrepreneur and global networking mogul is based in Tucson, Arizona where he has established a successful real estate company. Ricky works hard to ensure that his team of highly skilled agents consistently exceeds client expectations. He has won several awards for his superior performance. Ricky has also ventured into the global digital currency market. He is a general partner in Capverto based in Europe, which focuses on trading Bitcoin using high-level AI technology. This being said, Ricky has big plans in 2020 growing the cryptocurrency market.

Recently, Ricky became head of business development at Novel Capital in North America. This private firm invests and trades globally across a number of key primary and tertiary sectors, commodities, and other financial assets. In the real estate sector, Novel Capital buys and finances large-ticket commercial assets. Being in charge of business development for a multi-billion-dollar fund with clients that include high net worth individuals is a testament of Ricky’s abilities and the strength of his global network.

Ricky manages to successfully balance his incredible jet-setting lifestyle with his family life. More than any of his professional accomplishments, he considers his role as a parent as his greatest achievement. Since the birth of his child, becoming a positive role model for his son has become his most important goal. He hopes to show his children that through dedication and hard work, they too can build a life very much worth living.

High-level business owners and real estate owners will benefit greatly from Ricky Aranda’s high-quality network that bridges together all factors leading to success. Learn more about Ricky’s systematic and strategic approach to business development by calling +1 (480) 669-9311 or sending an email to ricky@arandaholdings.com.

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