Implant Patient Machine Co-Founder Hassan Hamid Ushers in the Future of Dental Marketing

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2020 / If you’re a dental service provider and you look at how dental implant procedures are currently being marketed, you’ll quickly see that everyone is doing the exact same thing. Most digital marketing companies are using pay per click strategies and search engine optimization that bring potential customers straight to your website. If you’re lucky, maybe the people you hired for your marketing even included some kind of offer on your landing page. But even then, you may still be unable to translate leads to actual patients.

Fortunately, Hassan Hamid co-founded Implant Patient Machine to revolutionize the industry practice for getting a steady stream of new dental implant patients. He has collected the best strategies to achieve this goal: call scripts, financing companies, patient experiences, case presentation methods, and many more. Having designed a system that’s proven to work, Hassan and his team guarantee to not only generate leads but more importantly book appointments, as he states, ‘Leads don’t pay the bills. Appointments Do!’.

The Implant Patient Machine successfully delivers these amazing results to their clients by going above and beyond simply front-desk phoning the leads that they generate. The company has an in-house call centre. With their help, the leads are generated and booked into the client’s calendar within only 5 minutes. On top of that, the Implant Patient Machine takes care of following up and nurturing the leads to convert them into appointments.

It’s clear that the company is the direct result of innovation that came about through what can only be described as a fated encounter. Founders Hassan Hamid and Michael Dallas Petersen initially became acquainted through a Facebook Group. Within the next hour, the two were in a phone call with each other that lasted 3 hours. They had complementary personalities and skills, with Hassan being a natural innovator and Michael being the technical guy who’s passionate about implementing systems. Together they came up with the idea that has shaken the dental marketing industry and has shifted it into a new paradigm. This is how the Implant Patient Machine started.

The two co-founders believe in the process of execution and then reaction. When they came up with the idea of an innovative solution to dental implant marketing, they quickly executed their plans without waiting first to perfect it. Over time they have developed their system to make it more efficient.

Implant Patient Machine recently partnered up with the company Dentulu. This partnership would allow them to deliver even better results through teledentistry and virtual dentistry. These technological advancements represent the future of oral healthcare and allow dental patients to access dental services in the comfort of their preferred time and place.

Dental care professionals already have enough to worry about and they would really benefit to know of better services that will generate them with better results. With the expertise of the Implant Patient Machine, dental clinics can focus on delivering procedures and ensuring that they provide the patients with the best experience.

To reach out to the Implant Patient Machine and get qualified appointments, you may send an email to or call (+1) 213-444-7461.

SOURCE: Hassan Hamid

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