Blizzard-acknowledged BitTorrent is Branching out Into the Gaming Industry?

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2020 / All the chart-topping online games today are invariably owned by centralized companies, including World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment, EVE Online by CCP Games, and other hit mobile games like Honor of Kings, PUBG, etc. However, the most crucial and touching element is missing in these games: user’s initiative and creativity, which are severely stifled by the existing interaction rules between gamers and the virtual world set under the centralized governance.

Essentially, all content created by users is solely owned by these game companies, who are the only ones that benefit and gain from the massive network effects. They enjoy the rights to revoke, change or review anything going on in the games, which is unfair to the time and efforts devoted by users.

Only by empowering users will we witness a leap in the current technology of virtual reality in the gaming industry. When practicing blockchain in the physical world, it is imperative to foresee an ideal future for our digital world: a future where gatekeepers have no right to decide on our real estate, centralized companies are not allowed to delete users or even clear user data, and game companies are prohibited from selling our data to advertisers for profits.

Bearing this vision in mind, we expect that BitTorrent, the world’s biggest decentralized protocol, will one day revolutionize the entire online gaming industry.

Why is BitTorrent the engine to drive an online gaming revolution?

BitTorrent owns 1 billion global users. Its foray into the gaming industry offers users a gateway to blockchain, a world full of innovations and free of limitations in traditional finance. Simply by playing the games, users are gradually introduced to blockchain technology and the way it delivers traceability and a private/public key system. With its large user base, BitTorrent will direct great traffic to a blockchain industry yet to be fully implemented.

As China’s top blockchain project and one of the most popular underlying public chain platforms, TRON is a DApp veteran with deep insight into blockchain games. TRON has been the fastest growing DApp platform with a growth rate of 12.11% and the largest daily transaction volume. As its brother company, BitTorrent supplements the TRON ecosystem by injecting diversity and dynamism into its network. The two, when combined together, have a great chance to build a killer blockchain game, because they understand profoundly what it is to cooperate in creating a decentralized game, including storing game bundles on the distributed storage platform, integrating blockchain token economy as incentives and protecting user privacy with encryption technology. For two ecosystems as comprehensive as TRON and BitTorrent to develop blockchain games, isn’t it just a piece of cake?

BitTorrent has been providing the underlying protocol to many viral online games. BitTorrent is a household name to internet users. So far there has not been a better alternative for transmitting a large amount of data across an ill-performing network. Content transmitted with the BitTorrent protocol accounts for as high as 40% of the global internet traffic everyday. Facebook and Twitter use BitTorrent to distribute updates to their servers; Florida State University uses the technology to send large scientific dataset to its researchers; The US-based Blizzard Entertainment have their users download World of Warcraft (WOW) with BitTorrent; BitTorrent protocol is also used in downloading Tencent’s games. All of these points to the huge potential that BitTorrent has in the gaming world.

In recent two years, under the leadership of CEO Justin Sun, TRON and BitTorrent have overcome many hurdles along the way and made significant achievements. Not long ago, TRON acquired DLive, a top-class decentralized live-streaming platform, and integrated it into the BitTorrent ecosystem. Following that, TRON launched BTFS Mainnet and branched out into distributed storage in full swing. The recent AO3 incident makes people realize the role distributed storage platforms play in securing resource access. To stop such incidents from happening over and over again, the ultimate solution will be the fast-growing BitTorrent.

All traffic and resource integration today will ultimately lead to an phonomenal explosion! We believe that online and mobile gaming, the most sought-after business of the day, is the very industry we should invest in. And we are convinced that BitTorrent will revolutionize blockchain games in the future. So it is expected that TRON and BitTorrent may acquire a large gaming company like Blizzard Entertainment or Steam, making an impressive mark in the blockchain history.

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