Albert Boufarah President SAMR Inc. Announces Expansion of E-Waste Recycling Events in the Mid-Atlantic Region

LAKEWOOD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2020 / When the weather gets milder, it’s always a good time to clean up your surroundings. This includes moving out those old electronics that are just taking up space in your basement & attic. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Lakewood, NJ based electronics recycler Supreme Asset Management & Recovery (SAMR Inc.) has been hosting highly successful recycling events around New Jersey & Pennsylvania for over a decade. From the rural landscapes of Warren County to the bustling suburbs of Philadelphia, there always seems to be a big turnout wherever the SAMR trucks & trailers wind up going (of which they have acquired more to accommodate increased demand).

As a response to this demand, SAMR Inc. founder & President Albert Boufarah has announced that the company will be extending the event service option to other states in the region, including New York, Delaware, & Maryland. The addition of more personnel as well as augmenting their fleet of vehicles has made this expansion possible, Boufarah stated. He added that these states have been clamoring for a simple & convenient method of hauling away obsolete electronics, and that with SAMR’s equipment and experienced staff, they are capable of addressing this demand in as little as a weekend or even a single Saturday morning.

The two most popular events offered, according to Boufarah (founder & President of SAMR Inc.) are the ones where the company supplies an electronics dumpster or trailer for a week or two, and then comes back to haul it away once a county/municipality’s collection period is over, and an event where they provide a box truck and send over worker(s) along with the driver to load up, wrap and palletize material as they collect it, and then take it away … all in the course of a single morning and/or afternoon.

There are several municipalities around the State that have been holding these events for years, and they continue to collect an impressive stream of material. These recycling options are highly recommended for any community with enough open space to accommodate the truck or dumpster/trailer along with residential vehicles, and in particular if your municipality does not have ongoing collection with either a container or live load service.

Event slots fill up fast, especially in the milder months of April/May and September/October. Anyone interested in more information is urged to contact SAMR Inc. at (866) 509-7267 [SAMR] or online at


Albert Boufarah

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