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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2020 / It was an uneasy morning for Marcus Barney as he sipped his coffee while reading the morning’s paper. Discouraging news about failing businesses has jumped before him with every flip of the newspaper, with no positive news insight.

Marcus Barney shook his head in disappointment as he saw this news, including the statistics showing that 60% of businesses fail in their first five years. As he closed his paper, he noticed that all these business failures have one thing in common: they are not equipped with proper tools and decent financial resources.

He wondered why all these businesses had missed the apparent fundamentals needed to run a successful operation. Having found a new sense of purpose regarding this problem, he started to pick up his paper pad and scribbled possible solutions for this big problem.

Little did he expect that after several years, these scribbled notes would evolve into a very successful firm called Recession Proof Financial Literacy.

Recession Proof is a real estate investment and credit specialist firm founded by Marcus Barney. It provides entrepreneurs with essential tools and financial resources to help them succeed.

The firm also creates strategies for businesses so they can obtain funds to expand their operations and take advantage of new opportunities.

Marcus has gone a long way since scribbling solutions at his breakfast table, that last year, his firm has helped over 100 entrepreneurs fund their businesses. With Marcus’ help, these entrepreneurs were able to garner a total of $20 million in start-up capital to start their operations.

This is a great, not only for entrepreneurs but for Recession Proof as well, because it proved that it could deliver tangible solutions for businesses.

The firm is changing the landscape of entrepreneurship by empowering entrepreneurs in bringing out the best in them. Recession Proof highlights an essential fact that the road towards success is just one decision away (which most entrepreneurs tend to forget).

Recession Proof is rapidly gaining recognition as a company that provides a solution in turning credit into cash. As the demand for this service is growing every year, Barney’s company is well-positioned to cater and satisfy this growing demand.

The company also formulated a solution to hide their clients’ credit utilization legally, so they can be protected from paying various bills like groceries, utilities, and even their mortgage.

This is the company that Barney was dreaming about years ago, and now, all his efforts are bearing fruit as the company’s clients continue to grow.

According to him, the main focus of his company is to provide financial strategies for entrepreneurs in the field of financial services, real estate, e-commerce, restaurants, and trucking.

Barney makes sure that these entrepreneurs’ front end is protected, so they will not struggle in their back ends and can pursue the growth of their business.

But the real secret to Recession Proof’s success, according to Barney, is that the solutions they provide are not something that can be “Googled” or found on the internet.

Their solutions are the fruit of their in-depth and well-funded research to get to the root problems of various financial issues. When clients are rendering the company’s services, they can have an up-close experience of the company’s business solutions that work.

Recession Proof financial literacy made it a point to serve entrepreneurs aged between 24-35 years old because, according to the research they’ve conducted, these age brackets are the most prone in making big-time financial mistakes.

Even with their passion and drive to run a business, their low financial literacy puts them in danger of crumbling fast. This is the reason why 80% of companies are closing in their first year. Not only that, these businesses have lost so much money and have gained so much debt.

This alarming rate is the reason why Recession Proof is aggressive in its campaign to promote its services and products to equip entrepreneurs with the right financial tools and literacy.

The company desires to bring their tried and tested solutions to as many entrepreneurs as possible. This would bring financial literacy awareness that, hopefully, would be contagious, and make more entrepreneurs smarter in their business decisions.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be updated with Recession Proof’s latest solutions and announcements, you can check out it’s Instagram and YouTube Channel by visiting @him500 or email MarcusBarney@him500.com

SOURCE: Marcus Barney


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