Michael Evans, CEO Of USPA International Discusses Licensee Program And The Future Of Security Services With StartupFortune

Michael Evans, the CEO of USPA International and USPA Nationwide Security discusses the solutions provided by their full service, licensed, bonded and insured security firm to both governmental and private clientele in an interview with StartupFortune.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2019 / USPA Nationwide Security has been providing traditional security guard services, bodyguard service and fire watch in all 50 states through their Trademark License Program and Certified Contractor Program for several years. Michael Evans, the CEO shared his experience and discussed his licensee program and the future of security services in detail in a recent interview with StartupFortune. While sharing his experiences he expressed his opinion about how the thought of creating a large security company had come to fruition. About 15 years ago, USPA was a name that he thought of in his friend’s backyard. Today, USPA is a multinational security company with operations all over the world. Michael Evans happily expressed that the success of his company is mainly because the value they put before profit.

“We are currently seeking new trademark licensees in the United States and we have opportunities in areas around the globe” he explains his plans about the future developments of USPA. USPA Nationwide Security sets the standard in the industry by which other firms and security guard companies have measured and emulated their own policies and procedures.

USPA International Security operates in 14 countries. Their footprint is most prevalent in high risk zones of Mexico, where they conduct anti-kidnaping operations and abduction support, led by their staff of former military and current/retired federal law enforcement officials.

Michael Evans shares the unique aspects of their trademark licensee program “most people who are looking to start a security company, look into current lists of security company franchises. I am not a fan of buying a security franchise for a new business owner. I created my trademark licensee program for people who would like to jump into the security market with both feet, with fifteen years of experience, business credit, references and credibility in their corner on day one. We have so many different options for our trademark licensees. Some choose to go after a single contract while leveraging our credentials and they remain a one-contract company without any further advertising. Examples of this business model are returning veterans, securing a contract to protect and manage a private residence (actors, singers, etc). While they may possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to secure the family, estate, conduct route planning, etc. they would never get in the door to present their skills, without a well-known, well-oiled machine of a business behind them. Our licensees are able to leverage, not only our time in business, but our real-life experience and management of such contracts, both domestic and abroad”.

About USPA International and USPA Nationwide Security

USPA Nationwide Security is a traditional security guard company, part of the network, under the umbrella of USPA International, a dedicated close protection service operating in 14 countries providing bodyguard services, close protection convoy security and path-finding services in high risk zones. The collaborative and efficient approach to security services helps clients reduce costs, manage risk and create a safe working environment. The USPA brand has grown from a one-man security guard company on Long Island in 2005, to a multinational security guard firm operating in all 50 states and in 14 countries.

More details about USPA’s security services can be found at: www.uspasecurity.com

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