Experienced Educator Robert McDougal Says There Needs To Be More ESL And Bilingual Classrooms In California

COSTA MESA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2019 / California does offer Spanish-speaking residents courses to learn the English language. Yet, English instructor Robert McDougal believes there needs to be more of them.

These courses are ESL (English As A Second Language), and bilingual programs.

“We need to have a clearer understanding of the difference between the two courses. We also need more English education classes in California,” says Robert McDougal.

Robert McDougal is a resident of Costa Mesa, CA, and is an experienced English teacher. He has traveled across the United States, teaching English to Spanish-speaking students.

McDougal has a master’s degree in English Language Learning and TESOL certification. His classroom and learning center experiences give him a unique viewpoint on the educational system.

He has both the training and knowledge of this system. This enables Robert to provide insight into areas that need improvement.

Robert McDougal affirms, “ESL and bilingual courses are different and necessary. The main distinction between the two is the language of instruction.”

He elaborates further, “ESL is for students who speak different languages. The course is taught in English only. Example: Students speak Italian, Chinese, and Spanish. The teacher only speaks and teaches in English. The bilingual program is for students who speak the same language. The trainers teach using the same language as the students and English.

Example: Students speak only one language like Spanish. The teacher speaks the same language as the students and English. In this example, the educator would speak both Spanish and English.”

Robert McDougal says, “Because they are not the same, we need to have more of both of them in California.”

He feels both ESL and bilingual programs are essential. One does not out-weigh the other.

“They are equally important,” says Robert McDougal.

Along with learning the English language, each course forms more opportunities for cultural understanding. Learning about different cultures is vital for us to better understand our surroundings.

“We can do better as a state to help Spanish-speaking individuals who want to learn English. Adding more ESL and bilingual education can improve the lives of Spanish-speaking residents.

There should be plenty of access and options for those who want to learn the English language,” says Robert McDougal.

Learn more about the Californian teacher Robert McDougal by visiting his website: https://robertmcdougal.co/.


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