EMJAC’s Private Sale Has Finally Begun at This Exciting Time!

SEYCHELLES, MAHE / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2019 / Become an Early Bird! EMJAC’s private sale is now open, allocating tokens with a notable discount.

The beginning of our Private Sale will be from 25th November 2019. This is a great opportunity for investors looking for a project who aims to become a leader in research & development and recycling of global waste tyre into GREEN and CLEAN renewable energy.

EMJAC’s Mission

EMJAC – Empowering DLT towards a Sustainable Future.

EMJAC’s blockchain ecosystem is designed to complete the recycling circle where producers of waste tyres will have the ability to create long term value for waste tyres while supporting the noble aim to protect our Mother Earth and reduce the adverse impact of more than 2 billion waste tyres generated globally every year.

EMJAC aims to be the leader in the “Waste to Green Energy” industry to recycle waste tyres globally by deploying green technology with the latest blockchain technology.

Our vision is to recover the trapped energy in waste tyres and reduce the carbon footprint in our environment and channel the renewable energy back into our ecosystem to benefit communities around the world via a trusted market platform.

This technology will reduce illegally dumped waste tyres globally and increase our transparency by allowing full traceability of each waste tyre from source to TRU facility. We also provide a market platform for buyers and sellers in the supply and demand chain that allows them to digitize their procurement and trading with our EMJ tokens.


Southeast Asia seems the most promising crypto market in the world, one of them was us, EMJAC’s private sale aims to give early investors the opportunity to buy our tokens at a very cheap price. This is the cheapest the tokens will ever be sold.


Private Sale Start Date: 25/11/2019

Private Sale Finish Date: 15/12/2019

Private Sale Token Price: $0.048

Private Sale Price: 40% discount

Private Sale Allocated Tokens: 25% max

Easy Steps to Buy EMJAC in the Private Sale

1. Go to www.emjac.io

2. Click the ‘’Private Sale’ Button

3. Enter ‘Buy Token’ and Fill up the form.

4. Purchase your EMJ tokens.

Payment Method

Step 1 : Send USDT (ERC20) to this Address: 0x96D264Ac41ff94A6C6A032694483ffFF7E849cb0

Step 2 : Mail a screenshot of the transaction to info@emjac.io -or- Paste the link of Transaction ID below

Step 3 : You will receive the EMJ tokens on specified ETH address






Becoming one of the best projects either successful is never gonna be easy, Nothing is simple under the sun but with determination and focus from the team and support of the community, we shall surely get there.

This Private Sale is not only for EMJAC but for all who have the same goal as us, we all want a better and cleaner planet to live in. Join us at EMJAC and become the leading digital platform converting waste into green renewable energy for a better planet.

Name – Emjac LTD
Email- Info@emjac.io


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