Blockchain Company iExec Makes Decentralized Cloud Computing More Scalable with V4 Upgrade

LYON, FRANCE  /  ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2019 / iExec (RLC) The blockchain company iExec allows developers and enterprises to access a wide portfolio of cloud computing resources. iExec has released its new version V4, which solves the scalability problem of blockchain applications, and introduces transactions with zero fees. This version allows companies to customize a cloud computing infrastructure that is specific to their business goals.


iExec is a decentralized marketplace for computing resources. It allows individuals and enterprises to monetize their computing resources, and to set governance rules for accessing them.

iExec Combines the Best Services of Different Cloud Providers

iExec combines the best services that each cloud provider offers. Developers and enterprises have access to CPU, GPU, datasets, applications and decentralized oracles from the same interface. They can also choose to run their confidential computing tasks on secure privacy-preserving enclaves, that will keep their secrets safe.

The release of V4 offers enterprises valuable features in a multi-cloud context. This allows them to customize an infrastructure that is specific to their business goals. This service gives enterprises more flexibility in choosing and switching between cloud providers and helps them achieve their compliance goals while providing lower risk. If one service fails, a business can continue to operate with other cloud computing providers.

The Main Features of the V4 Upgrade

Scalability has been a long-time problem for Ethereum, because gas fees are too high to run decentralized applications. V4 solves these scalability issues with off-chain computing and improves the performance of the iExec marketplace. Buyers and sellers can now trade computing resources with zero gas fees and less latency thanks to the iExec Sidechain.

To accelerate workloads and enable new business applications, iExec has integrated GPU computing to its marketplace. Deep learning, in particular, is a field with heavy GPU requirements. With V4, AI developers can train and develop their models faster, and use applications such as TensorFlow or Keras.

Finally, deploying decentralized applications on a distributed infrastructure was once a heavy and time-consuming effort. V4 introduced bags-of-tasks to allow developers to deploy and manage applications at scale, with the highest efficiency.

A New UX to Onboard Partners Like Genesis Cloud and EDF

To deliver GPU computing, iExec has onboarded Genesis Cloud as a new cloud computing provider. Genesis Cloud supplies high-performance GPUs at ultra low cost that are well-suited for visual effect rendering or big data analytics. Through iExec, France’s largest utility provider EDF, has access to the fleet of GPUs from Genesis Cloud to run its compute-intensive simulators.

For iExec to be more enterprise-friendly, a new user interface for managing wallet and account funds has been rolled out. From this interface and thanks to an integration with Moonpay, users can buy ether with a credit card and swap it against RLC, the currency of transactions on the iExec marketplace.

To make the onboarding process even more simple, iExec is now also compatible with the Portis wallet. All you need is an email address and password to explore the iExec marketplace. The goal of all these initiatives is to make the on-boarding process as simple as as any other non-blockchain web application.


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About iExec

iExec is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for computing resources. It allows individuals and enterprises to monetize their computing resources, and to set governance rules for accessing them.

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