Breakthrough in Real Estate Marketing: DoubleX Transforms Virtual Tours Into Intelligent Virtual Listing

LAS VEGAS, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DoubleX announced today the release of its innovative Intelligent Virtual Listing solution, transforming the way realtors market their properties. 

“I find it unbelievable that in 2019 realtors still work with excel sheets and cannot answer simple questions like ‘how much am I spending to close a deal?’ I grew up in the field of e-commerce where we constantly optimize costs by cents. The real estate industry is probably a few decades behind,” says Tal Landman, Co-Founder at DoubleX. Today’s process for real estate agents and home buyers is inefficient, archaic, expensive and broken. Realtors are demanded to spend upwards of $500 for professional photography which renders only a couple of still images. Realtors then list their properties on large listing sites where they share non-targeted leads with many brokers.

DoubleX’s IVL optimizes the realtors marketing process and solves major pain points as they relate to visualization and property matching. With DoubleX, within minutes, realtors can create a cutting edge high quality 360 virtual tour that truly shows off the essence of the property. Once the listings are ready, DoubleX’s proprietary technology enables realtors to list properties on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and target a focused audience at the right place and time.

“We’re beyond excited bring change into real estate industry and release this technology. Realtors should be able to focus on what they do best which is selling properties and closing deals. We’ve created a fully automated marketing engine that harnesses the power of cutting edge vizalizaion and  AI to match the most relevant clients,” shares Gal Rotem, DoubleX CEO. Via their proprietary technology, DoubleX enables agents to market to users who directly demonstrate an affinity for their properties thus improving lead quality and ROI.

The company attends the RECon 2019 event held on May 19-22, 2019 at the Las Vegas convention center.

About DoubleX

DoubleX is disrupting the real estate market with IVL, Intelligent Virtual Listing, by helping people find their future homes with AI and cutting edge visualization. Backed by Landa Ventures,  DoubleX is the first to fuse the three major components of tomorrow’s real estate business landscape: virtual tours, listings sites and AI. Today’s property selling process is expensive, time consuming and not personalized. DoubleX’s revolutionary IVL technology uses high quality 360° virtual tours, enables cost effective advertising at a fraction of regular costs and accurately targets and matches properties and homebuyers. DoubleX, The first 360 marketing solution for real estate 


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