Warning About Vampire Facials® in Regards to the HIV Cases in New Mexico

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FAIRHOPE, Ala., April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The possible contraction of HIV by 2 people after receiving an improperly done procedure falsely advertised as a Vampire Facial® necessitates repeating a very important warning:


The Vampire Facial®, Vampire Facelift®, O-Shot®, & P-Shot® are all “service marks.” Service marks are a particular type of trademark that indicates a very specific method of doing something.

The Cellular Medicine Association and Dr. Charles Runels (the originator of the “Vampire” procedures) license providers of the above procedures when these providers receive training and agree to follow the recommended methods. This then gives the provider the rights to use the service mark to advertise the procedures. Then people who wish to have a procedure done can identify those providers who are licensed and so who have demonstrated an understanding of the best way to optimize results and minimize risks.

Because the procedure involves a device that punctures the skin (microneedling), the procedure can spread disease if done improperly. Some of the cheaper devices used to do the microneedling will suck blood up into the handle; therefore, the next patient could potentially be inoculated with the blood-borne pathogens from all of the people previously treated with that same device—medically similar to having sex with everyone previously treated.

Also, the device used to prepare the patient’s own blood for topical treatment after the microneedling component of the Vampire Facial® is done, should be approved by the FDA for preparation of blood to go back into the body. Kits made to analyze blood for testing should not be used.

The FDA does not approve a person’s own blood, nor does the FDA approve procedures. But, the FDA does and should approve both the device used to create the microneedling-puncture wounds as well as the device used to prepare the platelet rich plasma (PRP) used drip onto the skin after the microneedling.

Dr. Runels (called the “Orgasm Doctor” by Cosmopolitan & by the Guardian) thinks of himself as a “Calvin Klein of medicine,” & initially designed the Vampire Facelift® procedure. Out of that process he designed the Orgasm Shot®, the Vampire Facial®, & Vampire Wing Lift™, Vampire Beast Lift®, and the Priapus Shot® procedures—all created Dr. Runels combining science with the principles of art.

To help keep patients safe, Dr. Runels secured trademarks (service marks) with the US Patent & Trademark Office so that he could protect patients by limiting advertising of these procedures to providers who agree to follow specific methods and to use FDA approved devices. These marks serve to identify providers who understand the design in the same way a Calvin Klein tag goes on a garment manufactured by another person but who follows Mr. Klein’s design.

The clinic in New Mexico was illegally using the Vampire Facial® name. Licensed providers of the procedure can be found on the official website, VampireFacial.com

The Cellular Medicine Association (CMA), founded by Dr. Runels, licenses providers to do the above procedures and coordinates and supports the research and clinical practice of physicians using cellular medicine for the improvement of health, beauty and sexual relations. Anyone can claim to be doing microneedling, but only those certified by the CMA can claim to be doing the Vampire Facial®. The provider groups include over 2,000 doctors in 54 countries who contribute immensely to the ongoing research, development, & teaching.

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